We hope you find a riding experince to enjoy, please have a look at the Newlsetter for more activities or contact us for bespoke packages.

Lessons with Charlotte Jackson:
Charlotte is a patient and passionate riding instructor, focusing on dressage, which she competes at Medium level regularly, and particularly enjoys improving horse and rider harmony!
30 minute Private From £33.45
45 minute Private From £38.60

Private Lessons:
20 minute taster lesson.
This is a great starter for children under 10years as 20 mins is perfect for concentration and energy levels.
Weekday: £20.55
Weekend: £22.55

30 minutes private lesson/assessment:
This is great for faster riding progression. They can also help to give you a boost when moving between scheduled group levels.
Weekday: £31.90
Weekend: £33.90

45 minutes private:
The ultimate riding experience where your instructor will design bespoke lessons tailored to your individual goals.
Weekday: £37.05
Weekend: £39.05

Shared Lessons:
Weekday shared lesson special
30 minutes = £30 (£15pp)
45 minutes = £40 (£20pp)

30 minute shared (2 people)
Have some fun and share your riding experience with a sibling, partner or friend.
Weekday: £21.85 per person
Weekend: £23.85 per person

45 minute shared (2 people)
Get more time in the saddle to perfect your technique.
Weekday: £28.80 per person
Weekend: £30.80 per person

Private Group Lesson
1 hour private group lesson (3-6 people)
This is great for a group of friends or family to enjoy their riding experince on a time and day to suit you.
Weekday: £22.65 per person
Weekend: £24.65 per person

Scheduled Group Lessons:
30 minute Lead Rein Group Lesson (upto 4 riders)
Designed for beginners to learn the basics amongst others.
Weekday: £20.55 Per Person
Weekend: £22.55 Per Person

1 hour group lesson (upto 6 riders):
Novice, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus and Advanced.
A private assessment lesson must be taken before joining any groups. Our instructors will then be able to determine your competancy level and put you in the appropraite group to enhance your learning experience. They will then continue to train you up through the Ambitions levels. Scheduled groups are run throughout the week and weekend.
Weekday: £22.65
Weekend: £24.65

1 hour show jump group (upto 5 riders):
The lesson is designed to help introduce budding show jumpers to the basics of jumping through various exercises each week.
Weekend: £25.90


1 hour private group hack
Perfect hour spent with your friends or family whilst riding across some beautiful countryside.
Weekday: £22.65
Weekend: £24.65

1 hour private hack
Treat yourself to the luxury of just you and your favourite horse at your own pace.
Weekday: £39.65
Weekend: £41.65

2 hour private hack
This is the best way to enjoy the Berkshire countryside, why not stop off at the local pub on your way........
Weekday: £55.10
Weekend: £57.10

10% Discounts
A 10% discount for 1 of the following items from the above list:
1) Any 6 items booked together.
2) More than one family member.
3) Using own horse.
4) Ambitions Pony Club Member.


Please note we have changed our email address: ambitionsec@hotmail.co.uk

Special Offers!!

Book 3 consecutive weekend lessons and get the 4th lesson FREE!

New Riders to Ambitions get their first 30 minute private lesson for just £20!

Speciality Lessons and Activities:
Pony Club Rallies £20

Dressage Academy £19.00

Advanced Jump Clinic £25.90
Saturday 12.30pm

Economy Night £16.45
Mondays 6.00pm.
1 hour groups max 7 people of mixed ability riders.
Not suitable for beginners.

Helper Training Sessions £10.80
Learn how to handle, groom, tack up and generally look after the ponies so you can become a helper and start earning points to use towards your lessons.
Sundays 3 - 5.30pm.

Birthday Parties
Any size party catered for, from 1 to 2 hours, (depending on party size).
Children will groom and tack up their ponies, play a variety of gymkhana games, help put their ponies away.
You are welcome to bring along your own party food to enjoy after your ride.
£24.70 per child

Ambitions Childrens Camps
Don't miss out on the fantastic opportunity during each school holiday to enjoy and learn more about riding, practical and the theory associated with ponies. Participants will take part in a final day of show jumping, gymkhana and team quiz competitions with many rossettes to be won!
Parents are welcome to the prize giving afternoon where certificates and awards will be handed out.
3 days from 10am - 4pm £170 per rider

Ambitions Advanced Camps
Designed for those wanting a further learning experience in theory, practical and riding. Aiming towards the competative levels to get you out there and doing well!
3,4 or 5 days from £185.

Last minute deals from just £10!
simply register your name, number and type of lesson you wish to be contacted for.


Payment must be made to secure your booking. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your lesson, hack or activity then call or email us with no less than 24 hours notice. You will not be entitled to a refund or reschedule of your lesson, hack or activity if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Please be aware that riding is a High Risk Activity and holds a potential danger, and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions.

All of our clients are encouraged to learn to tack and
untack during each lesson as we feel this
adds to the whole riding experience.

All prices quoted are per rider.
From January 2013 including VAT at the standard rate.